What is the temperature on the Moon?

What is the temperature on the Moon? Our satellite is very inhospitable from an atmospheric point of view: the temperature range is irreconcilable with human life. How many degrees are there on the Moon? Very many during the day and very few at night. To quantify exactly, it ranges from +130 degrees Celsius during the … Read more

Threads, the Instragram app for sharing only with close friends

Instagram Threads is the app that allows you to communicate and share information only with the most important followers in your circle. Find out how it works Disclosed in August in test form, it has now officially entered the rollout phase and will soon be officially available in the Android and iOS app stores. We … Read more

Facebook: complete guide to all the features of the social network

With over 2 billion users worldwide, Facebook is the most used social network on the planet. Despite being very well known, after more than 10 years since its creation in 2008, there are many features and services that few people know about, introduced with recent updates to the platform led by Mark Zuckerberg. Here is … Read more

Google against TikTok: ready the countermove

The top management of Big G doesn’t want to miss yet another train on the social front and immediately wants to buy TikTok’s rival. The scenario TikTok is also scary for Google, which would be negotiating the acquisition of Firework to counter the rise of the Chinese social based on very short videos. The Wall … Read more

FIFA 19, an eSports tournament organized by Torino

Also Torino Calcio opens up to the world of eSports and organizes a Fifa 19 tournament: the final is on May 26. After Bologna, Juve Stabia and Genoa, Torino opens up to the world of eSports. The world of soccer is increasingly evaluating the new prospects linked to the diffusion of esportive competitions, which are … Read more