Digital terrestrial, why haven’t RAI and Mediaset channels gone HD?

With the dust settled, it’s time to shed some light on what really happened on October 20: here’s why, even after the switchover to Mpeg-4, RAI and Mediaset channels are still low-resolution After the switchover of the first 15 RAI and Mediaset channels to Mpeg-4 encoding, which took place on October 20, and after the … Read more

Goodbye to solar panels: from Australia comes solar paint

A University of Melbourne research has led to the discovery of a dye with silica gel that generates energy by exploiting moisture in the air Despite the latest major advances, solar panel technology may soon be overtaken by a new scientific discovery. Especially in homes, offices and industrial warehouses. Blame it on “solar paint.” A … Read more

Kyocera Rafre, the smartphone that washes with soap. Photo and video

Kyocera launches on the market Rafre, its new smartphone resistant to water and soap. At the moment it is only available in Japan In Italy it is not very well known, but Kyocera is a Japanese company that makes “indestructible” smartphones. After launching in 2015 a water-resistant smartphone that could be washed, the Japanese company … Read more