What is it and how does it work Miracast

Here is a brief guide to the use of Miracast, a very useful technology that exists for years but probably few people know about: what is it and how it works Miracast is one of those transmission technologies that if everyone knew it existed would certainly be used more. It is included in many commonly … Read more

What the first two iPhone prototypes looked like. Photos and video

Do you know how the iPhone revolution began? With two hideous prototypes. Only after two years of hard work will Apple unveil to the world the first real applephone This is iPhone anniversary week. It was January 9, 2007 and Steve Jobs, during the opening conference of MacWorld, presented to everyone the first phone jewel … Read more

The time has come for the first squid in space

They already have a ticket to the ISS, where they will be part of an experiment on life in space: 128 tiny squids are about to be sent into orbit. Laika, the Soviet dog who became one of the first animals to be sent into space, and the first to orbit the Earth, has an … Read more

Deliveries with drones, Amazon imagines the warehouses of the future

A recent patent shows what should be the warehouses of the future for Amazon: similar to beehives and surrounded by drones That Amazon aims strongly on aerial delivery with a fleet of autonomously guided drones is not at all new. The company of Jeff Bezos has obtained several patents in this regard and has made, … Read more