Tango and ARKit, augmented reality according to Google and Apple

Google launched in 2014 Tango, its platform for augmented reality, while Apple last June showed ARKit during the WWDC conference When we talk about augmented reality and smartphones, we can’t help but think of Google and Apple. The former is investing heavily on its AR platform called Tango, while Cupertino in 2017 madeĀ ARKit for iOS. … Read more

“Magic the Gathering: Arena”, how to play online

One of the most famous strategy titles introduces several new features to attract even more gamers. Here’s what’s new in Magic the gatherng: Arena Over a billion games played, doubled the gamer audience and a new Esport program thanks to Mythic Champions events. And then: new formats and card sets along with special events and … Read more

Google+, another bug and another data leak lead to early closure

New security flaw for Google +, Mountain View’s social media has put 52 million of its users’ data on the Net. Early closure in April 2019 A couple of weeks ago Google had announced, somewhat surprisingly but not too much, that it had decided to close its social media Google + forever in 2019 due … Read more

The best fitness trackers of the moment: here’s which ones to buy

They don’t just serve to monitor your sports performance, fitness trackers allow you to always be informed about your physical condition Cardiofrequency meter on your chest, GPS watch on your wrist and some other gadget to wear on your body to always have under control the data of your sports performance. In recent years, the … Read more