The Lottery of receipts is skipped: here’s when it starts

After much uncertainty, more uncertainty: the Lottery of receipts will not start in January 2021 as initially planned and the communication arrived on December 31. The rumors are confirmed: the Lottery of receipts is postponed and no longer starts on January 1, 2021. Even the official portal of the Government’s initiative communicates that the date … Read more

Offerte telefonia fissa e mobile tutto compreso: le migliori promozioni

Le offerte Internet casa disponibili oggi sono caratterizzate dal fatto di essere promozioni tutto compreso: sono, infatti, quasi sempre incluse anche le chiamate da fisso verso tutti i numeri fissi e mobili nazionali, oltre che la connessione a Internet illimitata.  Tra le tendenze che si sono diffuse maggiormente nel corso dell’ultimo periodo rientrano le cosiddette … Read more

5 new ways to reclaim iPhone memory space with iOS 11

Many features have been included on iOS 11 to improve the internal memory of our iPhone, here are the best ones and how to use them The available space on the memory is one of the main problems of the iPhone. With the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, the situation has improved, thanks to Apple’s … Read more