How to back up your Mac with Time Machine

When we talk about Time Machine we refer to one of the most appreciated functions of the macOS world, which distinguishes Apple machines (among other things) from the rest of the world’s productions. It is a backup system that is decidedly different from those of others. In fact, its objective is not only to make … Read more

Nubia Z11, top performance and mini price. Review and photos

If it is true that it is the first impact that counts, then there is little else to add. Pulling the Nubia Z11 out of its box, one can’t help but be at least fascinated: the work done by the designers of the young Chinese manufacturer (Nubia is a subsidiary of ZTE) is remarkable and … Read more

Google Maps, 10 tricks that few people know

Almost everyone uses Google Maps for car travel, but there are a whole series of hidden functions that can make our trips easier Google Maps is an almost indispensable service nowadays: it allows us to move through unknown cities, or to know the traffic situation in real time just by consulting our smartphone. The features … Read more