Smartphone battery, in the future will recharge only 4 times a year

Researchers from the universities of Michigan and Cornel have developed a special material that allows processors to consume less energy Despite numerous attempts, the batteries of smartphones still last too little. On average, they do not last more than a day and a half. Yet in the future, according to an extraordinary study, it will … Read more

How to change the theme of your Telegram chats

Telegram is one of the instant messaging apps that allows you to customize your experience the most: here’s how to change the theme of your chats. The instant messaging app landscape is certainly dominated by WhatsApp, but the market offers several alternatives. One of the best-known is Telegram, a service founded in 2013 by Russian … Read more

Tesla’s solar roof, photovoltaic system is in the tiles

Tesla expands its activities in the field of solar energy production as well. The goal of creating a fully photovoltaic ecosystem is near One of the Achilles’ heels of solar panels is, without a shadow of a doubt, their visual and aesthetic impact. Placing them on the roof will inevitably end up changing the profile … Read more