How to buy a Google Pixel 6 in Italy and have no problems

Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro are official, but they won’t be available for purchase in Italy until early 2022: here are the viable ways to get one right away Many Google and Android fans have been waiting months in a frenzy to learn about the Google Pixel 6, the first uncompromising top-of-the-line devices … Read more

Google cambia algoritmo: le recensioni saranno così

Google punta a valorizzare le recensioni di alta qualità con una modifica importante ai suoi algoritmi: si parte dalle ricerche in inglese, ma non passerà molto prima di vedere la novità anche in Italia. Sempre più acquisti si fanno online e sempre più spesso vengono fatti dopo aver letto tante recensioni del prodotto che si … Read more

Harry and Meghan interview: when it comes out and where to watch it

The special “Cbs presents Oprah with Meghan and Harry” hosted by Oprah Winfrey will also air in Italy on TV8. Here is the date on which it will be released exclusively. The two-hour special entitled “CBS presents Oprah with Meghan and Harry” is also coming to Italy. It is the famous scandalous interview made by … Read more

How to shut down Windows 10, for real

By default on Windows 10 the quick start feature is enabled which doesn’t allow us to actually shut down the PC, here’s how to disable it How do we shut down our PC running Windows 10 operating system? Simple answer, most people will think, just go to the Start menu click on the shutdown icon … Read more