In the new App Store, no more iPhone antivirus

Apple updates new guidelines for developers, strengthening the control system against misleading apps, such as antivirus While antivirus may be of some use on Android devices, notoriously affected by hackers, on iOS, a closed operating system, they serve virtually no purpose. Nevertheless, it wasn’t uncommon to find them in the App Store. Until now. In … Read more

Instagram, introduced feature that blurs offensive photos

Instagram introduces two-factor authentication and filters against offensive images that will improve user security After the fight against fake news, which in recent months seems to have reached a turning point, mainly due to pressure from various governments, the main social networks also move against the publication of offensive content, introducing new features. Instagram, the … Read more

PlayStation 4 out of production: Sony leaves room only for PS5

Too much demand for PS5, stocks sold out worldwide, and Sony takes a drastic decision: cut production of PS4, which retires early. Sony will stop production of almost all PS4 models as soon as possible, because it is the only way to increase production of its new next-gen console PlayStation 5. The new console, on … Read more