How to watch the 2018 Formula 1 Japanese GP live streaming

F1 returns to the track at the historic Suzuka circuit for the 2018 edition of the Japanese GP, here’s how to follow the challenge between Vettel and Hamilton in streaming After Hamilton and Mercedes’ victory at the Russian circuit of Sochi, Formula 1 returns to the track for the 2018 Japanese GP. For Ferrari and … Read more

What is it and the features of Dropbox for Business

In this article we’ll explain what are the peculiarities and functions of Dropbox Business, a special package of Dropbox designed for teamwork. To do your job, very often talent alone is not enough. For long-term goals and to streamline many tasks, organization is just as critical. Fortunately, nowadays and thanks to new technologies, it is … Read more

Video calls, Facebook announces the new Portal Go and Portal Plus

Facebook has announced Portal Go and Portal Plus, the first unreleased while the second represents an evolution of the existing Plus: here’s what they look like Facebook has just made official Portal Go and Portal Plus, two home entertainment devices that are conceptually reminiscent of Amazon’s Echo Show, and that Facebook has structured specifically for … Read more