Stranger Things: the indiscretion that makes fans happy

The fourth season of the TV series airing on Netflix is still in production, but news about the fifth is already leaking out. We are currently waiting for the fourth season of Stranger Things. The long pandemic has significantly delayed the programming of the series, and it’s now been two years since the official release … Read more

Android malware, 25% is hidden in fake porn apps

Kaspersky researchers have found that one in four Android users is infected via fake apps with adult content Seeing porn movies on an Android smartphone endangers the security of their device. Raising the alarm is Kaspersky, a company specializing in computer security, which in a report published online shows how 25% of Android malware is … Read more

964 million dollars in bitcoin have disappeared into thin air

A Bitcoin wallet worth $964 million has been emptied: US Department of Justice announces seizure of funds On the night of the US presidential election, one of the world’s most valuable Bitcoin wallets was emptied. The approximately 69400 bitcoins, worth $964 million, were moved and the U.S. Department of Justice seized them. It is believed … Read more