Thousands of sites down around the world, what happened

Here’s why for almost two hours thousands of Internet sites went offline and why it could happen again. Giuseppe Croce Journalist Peppe Croce, journalist since 2008, deals with electronic devices and new technologies applied to the automotive world. He joined Libero Tecnologia in 2018. At first, it seemed to many a down of their phone … Read more

Fortnite, patch 8.40: everything you need to know about the new update

In addition to new weapons and timed modes, also the official dates of the Fortnite World Cup: April 20 and 21 It has finally arrived the patch 8.40 of Fortnite that, as every time, introduces news and special surprises for all users. In the update 8.30 of the Battle Royale signed Epic Games, was inserted the Restart … Read more