How to delete messages, emails and tweets sent by mistake

Mistakes happen to everyone. Anyone at least once has sent a text message to the wrong contact or with errors in it, let’s see how to remedy A mistake can happen to everyone. Especially when we write a text message. An email sent by mistake, or an SMS written to the wrong contact can really … Read more

Stranger Things: 5 episodes to watch again

We still don’t know when the release date of the new season of Stranger Things will be announced, but these episodes are among the best to watch again. Stranger Things will land with the new season on Netflix probably next fall, unfortunately the pandemic has slowed down the filming of the series, but in the … Read more

C’è il teorema di Pitagora su una tavoletta babilonese di 3700 anni fa

I babilonesi conoscevano il Teorema di Pitagora molto prima della nascita di Pitagora. Un nuovo studio lo dimostra, e ci spiega perché i babilonesi conoscessero così bene i numeri. La tavoletta babilonese nota come Si.427 è stata scoperta, insieme ad altri importanti reperti, da una spedizione archeologica francese datata 1894. L’importanza del piccolo manufatto in … Read more