Di Maio became rich with Bitcoins, but it’s a hoax

Scammers exploit the name of the vice-president of the council to advertise a cryptocurrency trading platform that steals money from users “Amazing way that helped Luigi recover from bankruptcy”, “Luigi inspires everyone after revealing this opportunity on the TV show”, “Luigi Di Maio earned 2.3 million euros and according to him anyone can do the … Read more

Nokia 400, the low-cost cell phone with Android and WhatsApp

The Nokia 400 is a cell phone with a physical keyboard and a new operating system developed by Google. On board there will also be WhatsApp The link between Nokia and cell phones is indissoluble and still continues in an era in which they have now been supplanted by ultra-tech smartphones. Nokia has been able … Read more

Iliad, soon the first fixed network offers: when they arrive

Iliad is ready to debut in Italy with the first fixed network offers already by 2021. It will rely on Open Fiber’s network In its industrial development plan, Iliad had set the arrival of the first fixed network offers by 2024. But the launch could come much earlier than expected, already by 2021. This is … Read more

YouTube chases Twitch: coming the new Clips

YouTube launches a new format of short videos: they are the Clips, clippings of videos that are very reminiscent of the homonymous function of Twitch. It is only a few hours ago the announcement of the implementation of a new feature by YouTube. Recalling the Twitch feature called Clips, in the near future it will … Read more

Here are the five steps to take to disappear from the Internet

From the removal of social profiles and posts, up to the closure of accounts on e-commerce and email accounts, all the steps to leave the web Have you decided to say goodbye to the digital world to return to the analog one? To disappear from the internet is practically impossible but there are some steps … Read more