IPhone 13 arrives today: how it will be

The countdown has begun, in a few hours Apple iPhone 13 arrives with a range consisting of four models: revolution or evolution? The wait is over: today, at 19:00 Italian time, Apple will present the new iPhone 13 range during the event “California Streaming”. An event from which, perhaps, will also come other Apple products … Read more

What is and how does the Runtastic fitness app work?

If you’re an exercise enthusiast and your goal is to monitor your performance, Runtastic is for you. Like any self-respecting athlete, are you planning to monitor your performance through a multifunctional app that follows you like a real personal trainer? If so, Runtastic is the app for you! What is Runtastic? Runtastic is an app … Read more

Come valutare un’offerta Internet Casa in fibra ottica?

Attivare una nuova offerta Internet casa dovrebbe prevedere la valutazione di alcuni elementi, attraverso i quali si potrà avere la certezza di aver trovato la promozione che si adatta meglio ai propri bisogni.  Vediamo di seguito i parametri da tenere in considerazione, in modo tale da non scegliere una data promozione soltanto perché risulta la … Read more

3 fantasy series to watch on Netflix + bonus

Magic, adventure, mystery, myth: fantasy is a genre rich in ingredients and beloved by streaming audiences. Here are the series to watch absolutely on Netflix. Magic, adventure, myth: these are just some of the ingredients that make up the fantasy TV series, loved by the streaming audience. Usually the stories are set in imaginary worlds, … Read more