Galaxy S10e vs. iPhone Xr: which one to buy

IPhone Xr and Samsung Galaxy S10e are two very similar smartphones: here’s a comparison to choose the best Samsung and Apple are ready to do battle in this 2019. The two companies have approached the top-of-the-line smartphone market with a very similar strategy: making multiple smartphones in the same range to diversify the offer. In … Read more

Instagram, new modes for the Boomerang feature

Instagram updates with some important news affecting Stories: five modes for the Boomerang effect and new super colored icons Time for updates for Instagram. In the beta version of the social application, new features have been added for the Boomerang mode, one of the most used in Instagram Stories, and new icons to identify the … Read more

How to access your computer’s BIOS at startup (also UEFI BIOS)

Every time you turn on your computer, a number of operations take place inside that from the outside remain invisible, processes of activation of the various peripheral components performed through the Basic Input Output System, better known as BIOS. This is essentially a program, inserted into the motherboard, which during the startup of the PC … Read more