Samsung Webcam Monitor S4: the screen with the webcam that disappears

Samsung has made official a monitor that is quite complete and smart: there is a webcam that can disappear when not in use Samsung makes official Webcam Monitor S4, a screen of which the presence of a disappearing webcam is intriguing. The company has managed to combine aesthetics with functionality by offering a true all-in-one … Read more

Huawei announces a new high-end smart TV: how it will look like

Huawei announces on Weibo the arrival of a new smart TV: mini LED technology and Harmony OS are the key features. Fans of the Huawei brand are eagerly awaiting July 29: it’s the day when, finally, the Chinese giant will show the world its new top-of-the-line smartphone Huawei P50. But not only that, as the … Read more