Facebook, how to do live karaoke with Lip Sync

Facebook is launching a new set of features for music within the social, here’s how to do live karaoke with our favorite songs Lovers of Facebook and karaoke? Then┬áLip Sync Live is the new function of the famous social media that is right for you. Thanks to this tool we will be able to share, … Read more

IPad 7 and iPad Mini 5, launch expected in spring

By the end of spring 2019 Apple will launch the new week-generation iPad and iPad Mini 5 on the market. Here’s what they’ll look like New confirmations continue to arrive about the launch of the new iPads by early next summer. After previous rumors coming from China, this time is the news website DigiTimes to … Read more

How to check the health of your iPhone battery

An iPhone with a few years on its back can become as efficient as it once was with a battery replacement. But how to be sure? A quite inferior battery life of an iPhone with more than a few years on the shoulders, or even relatively recent but treated without too much care, compared to … Read more

Stranger Things, after the TV series also comes the movie?

Season 4 of Stranger Things is still not available on Netflix and there is already talk of a fifth season: but what if a movie were to close the popular TV series? The fourth season of Stranger Things will not be released until 2021 on Netflix, but there is already talk of a fifth season … Read more