Fastest camera in the world, takes 5 trillion shots per second

The University of Lund has created a camera that is much faster than any device on the market Video editing enthusiasts usually have a lot of fun slowing down videos: slow motion allows you to perfectly see the moment when a balloon bursts or when a glass shatters into a thousand pieces. Slow motion videos … Read more

Do you have Super Mario for Nintendo? It could be worth gold

A version of Super mario with a black Nintendo seal was auctioned off for about a hundred thousand euros. Here is what is its peculiarity Are you willing to spend about one hundred thousand euros for a video game? That’s how much a very rare version of Super Mario for NES (Nintendo Entertainment System), a … Read more

What it means to have your account flagged on WhatsApp

On WhatsApp you can report an account that doesn’t comply with the app’s Terms of Use. Here’s what you risk You can no longer log into your WhatsApp account and every time you try to log in, a message appears warning you that you have been banned. What happened? Very simple: you have violated WhatsApp’s … Read more