Undersea robots predicting weather and climate change

“Underwater” drones are exploring the ocean depths and collecting data that can predict changes in weather India, in 2015 was hit by an unprecedented drought that destroyed about a large part of its harvest. So researchers at the University of East Anglia and the Indian Institute of Science relied on undersea drones to scour the … Read more

How to properly charge your smartphone battery

Nowadays, one of the biggest concerns people have is: how much battery does my phone still have? It’s not uncommon to see users walking around with the charger always at hand or with a power bank. Sometimes, however, we ourselves make mistakes during the charging process that can compromise the battery. There are a few … Read more

(Chicken) eggs listen to everything you say

That of eavesdropping beyond the shell is a skill that many animal embryos use to survive. Even chicken eggs listen to what you say. It’s true: chicken eggs listen to us. And they listen not only to the song or words of humans, but to all sound stimuli around them. Contrary to what you might … Read more