Oppo brings to Italy two new low cost: A16 and A16S

After the announcement in Asia, Oppo A16 officially arrives in Italy along with its twin brother A16s: low prices but with interesting content for the segment It was presented a few weeks ago in Indonesia, but now it’s ready to settle in Italy. And it’s good news for fans of products that cost little and … Read more

Android security, Google relies on artificial intelligence

California company develops a machine learning algorithm to detect apps that improperly access users’ personal data Although Android’s rules are quite clear, many apps often access personal data that is not necessary for their operation, thus putting users’ privacy at risk. Google has decided to improve the fight against these apps, relying on artificial intelligence. … Read more

Problems with WhatsApp? Here are the tricks to use it at its best

A simple application to exchange messages became a global colossus purchased by Facebook for nineteen billion dollars. The history of WhatsApp is known to all, but few know the tricks and secrets to exploit all its potential or to use the application from the computer. The success of WhatsApp can be explained very simply by … Read more

How to Disable Chrome Autofill

The autofill feature is, without a doubt, very convenient. However, it may put our privacy at risk. Here’s how to turn it off Chrome’s autofill is a feature that allows Google’s browser to automatically fill out forms within web pages, doing it for you. For example, when you buy something on Amazon, Chrome can enter … Read more

The golden Wii for Queen Elizabeth II is for sale on eBay

This is a unique piece made for the British crown, which also has a story to tell. There is a Nintendo Wii that is worth a fortune: it is a unique piece, in 24 carat gold, made in 2009 for Queen Elizabeth II. After various vicissitudes it ended up in the hands of a collector, … Read more