Independent computers: that’s what machine learning is

Typologies and applications of machine learning, that field of computer science that allows machines to make decisions and predictions You’ve read a little about the subject and now you’re wondering what machine learning is? Imagine being a professor and one day walking into a classroom of only computing machines. All neat and tidy with apron … Read more

The applications of automation and robotics at industrial level

To better manage certain production processes in the industrial environment, automation and robotics applications have been designed: how they work. When one thinks of industry, many people think of the classic scene of Charlie Chaplin in the movie “Modern Times”, with the assembly line and all the rest. In reality, today industrial work has made … Read more

Google Assistant improves, but Alexa is still far away

Google boosts the skills of its Google Assistant and aims to conquer the smart device market. Amazon Alexa, however, is still in first place Digital assistants are spreading like wildfire around the world. Consumers are slowly learning about them and appreciating their features. In this scenario, there are two successful assistants in particular: we are … Read more

Discovered a giant planet with years that last 4 days

The most “steamy” exoplanet ever discovered: here a year lasts 4 days, there are clouds and its orbit is “counter”. Scientists have found a special planet The alien planet WASP-127b was first observed back in 2009 and observed by more powerful means only in 2016, when scientists began to stroke the hypothesis that it was … Read more