Amazon Music Unlimited: 4 months free with Prime Day

Prime Day 2021 brings interesting discounts also for streaming services: Amazon Music Unlimited on offer with the first 4 months free Not only discounts on products, but also on its streaming services. Amazon pampers Prime subscribers by relaunching with new initiatives. In addition to the event of 48 hours of shopping with all the products … Read more

What are keyloggers and how to get rid of them

KeyLogger is a malicious program that is difficult for antivirus to detect and can read and steal anything typed on the keyboard One of the most dangerous weapons used by hackers are keyloggers, systems that can read and steal anything typed on the keyboard. Often, they leave no trace and victims do not realize that … Read more

How to pay your car registration online

One of the many advantages of modern society, is the ability to make purchases of goods and services online. Among the many things that you can do thanks to the network, today we can also pay the registration of our car from the comfort of the sofa. Didn’t you know it? Here’s how to do … Read more

Fortnite is down today, what’s happening

Since 8pm on October 13, Fornite is not working. Technicians are working to release Season 11 which will be life to Chapter 2 Fortnite is not working. It is not a problem with your PC, console, smartphone or home connection, but with the video game. Do not be alarmed, it is a down already announced … Read more

Motorola Moto 5G coming: unveiled features

Motorola Moto G 5G is an excellent mid-range compatible with the fast 5G network: here are its technical specifications and when it arrives on the market. Motorola is ready to launch the new Moto G 5G. The model joins the last ones presented to the public during the summer, offering a cheaper alternative to the … Read more

How to recover PosteMobile SIM PIN

Can’t unlock your cell phone with your PosteMobile card? No problem: you have at your disposal several methods to recover your PIN A real jinx. How many times have you thought “I forgot my SIM PIN! What do I do?”. And how many times, using every single neuron in your brain, have you managed to … Read more