What will be the first smartphone with Snapdragon 898

The next American flagship chip is highly anticipated by enthusiasts. He spoke on Weibo a Lenovo manager, giving some clues about the future It is not yet clear whether the next flagship chip from Qualcomm will be presented to the world as Snapdragon 898 or Snapdragon 895, although the first designation seems more likely. But … Read more

How to turn off notification preview in iOS 11

To prevent someone from spying on our conversations on an iPhone running iOS 11, it’s best to turn off notification preview when the screen is locked Nowadays, our information is in constant danger. There are hackers, cyber criminals and malicious people always ready to steal our most confidential data from the electronic devices we use … Read more

Signal: how to use disappearing messages

The messaging app Signal offers a feature that WhatsApp does not have: what are disappearing messages and how to use them Veronica Nicosia Scientific Journalist Graduated in astrophysics, scientific journalist and SEO content editor, she writes about technology for online and print magazines. In 2020 she joined Libero Tecnologia After the announcement of the change … Read more