It is coming Redmi K50 Gaming and the chip will surprise you

Redmi K50 Gaming is the next smartphone of the Chinese company born from an initiative of Xiaomi: here’s how it will be according to the latest rumors Redmi is ready to make official in China a high-performance smartphone, the Redmi K50 Gaming. As the name suggests, it will be a product particularly suitable for video … Read more

Why WhatsApp didn’t let you send pictures and voice notes yesterday

For three hours on January 19, 2020 WhatsApp didn’t let you send pictures, voice notes and any multimedia content. Here’s what the reasons were WhatsApp down. WhatsApp not working. WhatsApp won’t let me send images. WhatsApp won’t let me send voice notes. #WhatsAppdown.  For three hours the application gave big problems, not allowing the sending … Read more