Future clean energy could come from bismuth

Researchers are also using bismuth-based compounds in photovoltaics. It’s a heavy, brittle metal that could one day power electronic devices. Bismuth, a heavy, brittle metal, could power the clean energy of the future. It is commonly known as the main ingredient in Pepto Bismol and, after being melted and then slowly cooled, forms colorful geometric … Read more

We’re about to find out what’s inside the Pyramids

The key is in some elementary particle waves called “muons.” We’re about to find out what’s inside the Pyramids. For some time now, the imaginations of science fiction writers – and conspiracy buffs – have been exercising over what we still don’t know about the Pyramids. The mysteries guarded by the gigantic tombs of the Ancient … Read more

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3: features unveiled before launch

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3’s passage from Chinese certification bodies has revealed a few features, while pricing details arrive No Galaxy Note this year. Samsung has decided to devote efforts, energies and resources to the range of foldable smartphones and in the coming weeks will arrive Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip … Read more