How to choose a GPS navigator

Not all satellite navigators are the same and before buying one it would be advisable to evaluate some features. Here’s which ones Although the word GPS is now mostly connected with smartphones and other mobile devices, you have to remember that there are still the dear and classic satellite navigators on the market. Some people, … Read more

Netflix is on a roll thanks to the success of Stranger Things and Narcos

Netflix closes its third fiscal quarter with an increase in subscribers and revenues well above expectations driven by original and quality TV series Netflix, the on-demand TV giant, has surprised analysts and investors by presenting more than positive results in Q3, the quarter that runs from July to September, after an unhappy start to the … Read more

Expensive Chat, the anti-WhatsApp that makes you pay for every word you write

Pay for every message you send online? With Expensive Chat it’s possible. Find out how the anti-WhatsApp chat works Before WhatsApp and Messenger there was the traditional SMS. Unlike modern messaging apps, the Short Message Service was paid for and contained a maximum of 160 characters. This feature made each message especially valuable. Each Sending … Read more

Black Friday offer of Ho.Mobile: who can activate it

Ho.Mobile has made a very advantageous offer reserved only for users coming from a virtual operator, here’s what it provides and how to activate it Ho.Mobile takes advantage of Black Friday 2018 to return to the attack of Iliad and the other virtual operators operating in Italy. The mobile operator managed by Vodafone proposes a … Read more

Honor 20 Pro official: four cameras at a mini price

Honor P20 Pro is a top-of-the-line smartphone with the Kirin 980 on board, 8GB of RAM and 256GB of internal storage. It will arrive in July at 599 euros. To the list of companies that have presented their top of the range in this early 2019 is also added Honor. The Chinese company, owned by … Read more

Who are the commentators, journalists and commentators of Dazn

DAZN is monopolizing the Italian sports scene: a quick overview of the best-known faces and voices of the streaming platform A lineup that counted, physiologically, only a few elements, in 2018, when DAZN arrived in Italy as a total unknown, and that with the growth of soccer matches and sports competitions in general purchased and … Read more