Digital Terrestrial, big changes in the center

Four MUXes in two regions have disappeared, all scrapped, while two new broadcasters are arriving in an interregional MUX: the new DVB frequencies. In just a few days there have been many changes in the panorama of Digital Terrestrial television frequencies, with 4 regional MUXes that have been definitively shut down with the consequent scrapping … Read more

The anime to watch on Prime Video in November

Amazon’s Prime Video streaming platform expands the offer of anime to watch in November 2021: what’s coming In the last period Amazon Prime Video is focusing more and more on anime, so much so that it has renewed and expanded its catalog related to the world of Japanese animation. Also in November 2021 there are … Read more

Netflix movies and TV series soundtracks arrive on Spotify

Netflix movies and TV series “invade” Spotify: with the agreement between the two giants, the viewing of the streaming service’s content ideally continues on the music platform It’s an agreement that will surely please subscribers of two of the most used streaming services globally, the first a colossus when it comes to movies and TV … Read more