The best apps to do yoga

It may seem strange that the practice of a traditional and age-old discipline can be conveyed through a technological tool. Yet yoga is proving to have a special feeling with technology, which is perhaps just another sign of its ability to regenerate and rejuvenate itself, always remaining itself in its deep essence. In fact, for many … Read more

IPhone 2019: triple camera for X and dual camera for Xr

For 2019 Apple plans to launch three new iPhones: two versions with OLED screen and one with LCD display. The cameras will be updated Apple seems to have very clear ideas about the iPhones coming out in 2019: they will be three and will have very similar features to what we already saw last year. … Read more

IOS 13, launch date and compatibility

The arrival of the iPhone 11 also coincides with the official launch of iOS 13. The latest version of the mobile operating system brings with it a lot of new features Season rich for Apple fans: after the presentation, yesterday, of the new iPhone 11, the streaming service Apple TV+ and the gaming service Apple … Read more

Smart TV revolution: what’s about to change

After seventy years of honorable career, the remote control could be retired, replaced by something much more convenient and smart The way we use smart TVs is about to change forever, for the better: one of the most awaited functions on these devices, so central to everyday life, is in fact about to arrive in … Read more

Windows 11: chi non potrà installarlo

Tra i PC che non saranno mai compatibili con Windows 11 ci sono persino molti modelli della stessa Microsoft: ecco quali computer potranno ricevere il nuovo sistema operativo. Giuseppe Croce Giornalista Peppe Croce, giornalista dal 2008, si occupa di device elettronici e nuove tecnologie applicate al mondo automotive. È entrato in Libero Tecnologia nel 2018. … Read more