How to rent an electric scooter: available apps

What are and how do the best commercially available apps for renting an electric scooter work, and what are the rules of the road. Scooter apps: how to rent one? For some time now, electric vehicles are a reality in our cities. They allow to avoid traffic, to move easily and to respect the environment. … Read more

Instagram, quizzes in Stories: how they work

Another news for Instagram Stories. The Facebook-owned photo social adds a new sticker with the ability to create quizzes The questions, evidently, were too limiting. So, to make the Stories even more interactive and engaging, Instagram developers have decided to add yet another feature. This is the quiz, as you might have guessed, are the … Read more

How to make contactless payments with your smartphone

Smartphones have become a tool that can also be used for contactless payments: here’s what you need to use them To enable your smartphone to make contactless payments, you mainly need two things: support for NFC technology and an app to which you can connect your payment card. If the phone is among those enabled, … Read more

How to transfer Android contacts to a SIM or SD card

Copying contacts from an Android smartphone to a SIM or SD card is easy, either through the phone’s settings or with special applications. Making a copy of the address book of the contacts you have on your Android smartphone is essential. In fact, you have to consider that unexpected events are the order of the … Read more