IG nobel prize: weirdest scientific researches of 2021

The 2021 IG nobel prizes include a decade’s worth of research on cat purrs, analysis of miasmas inside movie theaters and an Italian study on pedestrians. The 2021 IG nobel prizes were awarded at the 31st Award Ceremony. Established by the website Improbable Research, the prize is awarded annually – about a month before the … Read more

Google turns 20 and gets a makeover

Mountain View’s search engine turns 20, to celebrate Google has made lots of new features, here are the main new features we’ll find Google blows out 20 candles and celebrates by changing its look. How? With lots of new features and a whole new interface. The most popular and used search engine was put online … Read more

New on Google Play Store: app comparator arrives

Compare similar apps and figure out which one is the most suitable for your needs: Google Play Store works on new app comparator feature Google Play Store introduces an interesting as well as useful feature: app comparison, an even safer way to choose the app that’s right for you. With this latest introduction, Google is … Read more

How to choose between iPhone XR vs iPhone 11

iPhone XR vs iPhone 11: what are the main differences in terms of design, size, colors, price and other important technical features? To this question, which many are asking themselves following the recent release of the iPhone 11 (Buy it now on Amazon IT), we will answer by comparing the two smartphones from all possible … Read more