GTA 6 could be a temporary exclusive for PS5

A temporary exclusive release on PS5 before arriving on other platforms: how much could GTA 6 cost Sony Thirty days of exclusivity, where only those who have a PlayStation 5 will be able to buy and play the long-awaited GTA 6. The temporary exclusivity will then allow Sony to increase sales of its PS5, since … Read more

Which external hard drive to buy

Discovering which external hard drive to buy is not easy, in fact there are many models on the market to choose from, with dedicated solutions for Windows PC or Mac, desktop computers or notebooks. The same goes for the integrated technology, the hardware interface and the storage capacity, as well as the price with low … Read more

In Russia they are recreating the Doctor Who time machine

In Russia they swear they have created a time machine. It is a very rudimentary model, capable of acting only on subatomic particles In Russia a sort of “time machine” has been created that has managed to bring back in time, a fraction of a second, tiny subatomic particles. So say the scientists of the … Read more

What is PosteMobile, offers of the telephone operator of Poste

Poste Mobile is the virtual operator of Poste Italiane, counts almost 4 million active lines and has several mobile offers, here’s how to activate and recharge the SIM In recent times in Italy there is a great proliferation of new virtual operators of mobile telephony. One of the most popular and structured is certainly Poste … Read more

What is WhatsApp Pay and when will it arrive in Italy

WhatsApp Pay is a new feature of the messaging app that allows you to send money to your friends. Here’s how it works and when it arrives in Italy While all the attentions of high finance were focused on Libra, the cryptocurrency created by Facebook and that should make its debut by 2020, but is … Read more