Le migliori app per leggere e modificare i PDF con l’iPhone

Grazie a schermi sempre più generosi, i device mobile permettono agli utenti di leggere libri e di analizzare report di mercato in formato PDF Con il lancio dell’iPad Pro 12,9’’, Apple ha sviluppato un tablet dedicato al mondo del business. Il device è uno strumento utilissimo per coloro che sono sempre in giro per affari … Read more

N26: what it is, how it works, costs, where to reload

In the varied world of smart credit cards, one of the best options comes from Germany. This is where N26 is based, a real bank that doesn’t have branches or physical counters. The secret of N26 lies in the long list of functions and services that it makes available to users – some for free, … Read more

Industry 4.0, what’s the difference between M2M and IoT

Machine to machine and Internet of Things are two key technologies for Industry 4.0. But to implement them, you need to know the differences In the world of entrepreneurship, particularly within that which winks at the new Industry 4.0, there is some confusion between M2M and IoT. We are talking about two new technologies of … Read more

What is Open Fiber and how it works

Open Fiber’s ultra broadband network is coming to Italy too: here’s what it is and how the new infrastructure works With Open Fiber, the ultra broadband network is coming to Italy. Main mission is to build an entire fiber optic infrastructure, from the transmission cabin to the end customer’s home, on the entire national territory … Read more