LG has created a transparent OLED display, what’s it for

LG wants to revolutionize the world of displays again: at the “virtual” CES 2021 it will present a transparent OLED screen. It will be an edition full of surprises at CES 2021: during the “virtual” edition of the international consumer electronics fair, to be held from January 11 to 14, in fact, LG will also … Read more

What are the leading voice assistants: comparison and differences

Voice assistants, also known as smart speakers, are smart speakers that come with numerous features that can make your home smarter. These products are available today in a variety of brands and models, and they receive a variety of voice commands and can respond to questions and requests of many different types. With a voice … Read more

Lead generation: what is it and what is it for

One of the most important digital marketing techniques, lead generation allows you to start the so-called conversion funnel Digital marketing has become increasingly important for any professional and company that wants to expand its “reach”. Regardless of the sector in which you are active, in fact, the acquisition of new customers (and potential ones) passes … Read more