Post Office apps don’t work today, what’s going on

Post Office apps don’t work. Users can’t access their profile and no one knows why yet. The situation is evolving There is no peace for Poste Italiane users. After the website problems recorded in the middle of the month (a few days before the introduction of the new authentication tokens), today September 27 none of … Read more

Alien traces have been discovered at the bottom of the ocean

A team of researchers has detected isotopes of plutonium and iron in samples of ocean crust, which are not usually found in terrestrial conditions. Man has always been drawn to the stars. And he has wondered for centuries about the actual existence of alien life forms. A constantly evolving research, both bold and stubborn, that … Read more

FormBox, the 3D printer that uses the vacuum

This is an easy-to-use 3D printer that lets you make models to duplicate objects. Very useful especially in the home. It will cost $500 From being a tool for the select few (and used primarily in industry), 3D printers have arrived on people’s desks. Also thanks to the price, which has become more accessible, and … Read more