What are Telegram bots for

Telegram bots allow you to automate some responses in groups or to interact with your customers: here’s what they are and how to use them Maybe you don’t know, but if you assiduously use Telegram and are subscribed to many channels and public groups, it’s very likely that you have already interacted at least once … Read more

What the 3 new super cheap OnePlus smart TVs look like

OnePlus has announced the arrival of three new cheap smart TVs: prices start at less than 200 euros. Here are the characteristics OnePlus is about to launch on the market three new smart TV models with remarkable technical features, compared to the price they will have. Features announced, but without many details, by OnePlus founder … Read more

Android, new tool to block call center calls

Google is testing a feature to help users automatically recognize call center calls. Here’s how it works Google is testing a new feature for Android’s Phone app (the one used to make calls) that could solve the problem of call centers and telemarketers once and for all. In recent years, the Mountain View company has … Read more