Amazon Prime Day 2021: le prime offerte su musica, serie tv e e-book

In attesa del Prime Day 2021, Amazon lancia nuove offerte anche per i servizi di contenuti in streaming Amazon Music Unlimited, Prime Video Channels e Kindle Unlimited Veronica Nicosia Giornalista scientifico Laureata in astrofisica, giornalista scientifico e content editor SEO, scrive di tecnologia per magazine online e carta stampata. Nel 2020 approda a Libero Tecnologia … Read more

Safer Internet Day 2019, web, social and email security

Today is Safer Internet Day 2019, an event that promotes proper use of the Net. Here’s how to do to protect your data on the web, social and email Computer security has now become a topic of daily debate.┬áIt is increasingly difficult to protect your personal information in an era when we spend most of … Read more

Are you addicted to smartphones? Try black and white

To curb the temptation to constantly check your phone you could try turning on grayscale screen mode. Here’s how to do it Smartphone addiction is a problem that affects millions of people. There’s no use denying it. According to some studies, spending many hours with your eyes on mobile devices risks having negative repercussions on … Read more