Fastest Android smartphones

Discover the 10 fastest Android smartphones of March 2019 in the ranking compiled by AnTuTu. The first place is occupied by a surprise Xiaomi, Samsung and Honor. They are the three companies that lead the top 10 of the Android smartphones most powerful. This is what is reported in the March 2019 ranking published by AnTuTu … Read more

What is the flamingo pose, the new Instagram trend

The Flamingo Pose is the trend of summer 2019. Already many influencers have posted the #flamingopose photo on Instagram. Find out how to do it The official start of summer is just around the corner. Like every year, with the arrival of the beautiful season also comes the new summer trend on Instagram. Last year, … Read more

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE is ready: here are the specifications

After a very long and full of vicissitudes approach, Samsung Galaxy S21 FE is now finally ready: here’s how it will be Now we’re here: Samsung Galaxy S21 FE is ready. After months of conflicting rumors about the fate of a project that was supposed to debut on the market first in the summer and … Read more

What is the new Android L and who can use it

Android L is Google’s latest innovation for mobile devices: space optimization, multitasking and more compatibility in a single “feature drop” With devices with increasingly large screens, such as tablets, Chromebooks and the newest foldable smartphones, Android is starting to feel a little tight for users. That’s why Google has just unveiled Android 12L, where the … Read more

Ants know physics and use it to dig their own tunnels

A team of researchers studied their features and found that ants adopt all the best engineering solutions to make them. The ant-hills are meters long and capable of holding up for years. Ants could teach us something useful to improve the technology of future digging robots. How? Through the techniques they employ to build their … Read more

How to Share Baby Pictures Safely Online

Posting or sending baby pictures is very risky, and they could end up on the evil network run by unscrupulous people Despite the advice of many experts, many people continue to share photos and videos of their children online, unaware of the dangers they are exposing them to. Without the right safeguards in place, an … Read more