How to mute a group on WhatsApp forever

We all have a WhatsApp group where participants are constantly sending messages, photos and videos, here’s how to mute these annoying chats forever Let’s all admit it: we have that WhatsApp chat with several friends, relatives or colleagues where there is someone who sends a new multimedia content or writes a new message a little … Read more

Mobile, weekend of low cost offers: the 5 not to be missed

The Black Friday is over but the offers continue. Even the mobile sector offers a long series of low cost offers to make the most of your smartphone going to reduce, significantly, the monthly fee of its tariff. Changing operator is always more convenient thanks to the many offers that, starting from just 4.99 euros … Read more

Goodbye Cortana: in 2020 it will disappear from iOS and Android smartphones

The fate of Cortana now seems to be sealed. From January 31, 2020, Microsoft will stop supporting the Android and iOS app of its voice assistant Cortana, Microsoft’s voice assistant, will soon go into early retirement. Starting from 2020, the iOS and Android app will no longer be available in several countries around the world, … Read more

La Russia denuncia: un’astronauta della NASA sabotò il modulo russo della ISS

Un’astronauta della NASA provocò intenzionalmente i buchi al modulo Soyuz nel 2018: la denuncia anonima di Roscosmos fa infuriare la NASA. Capita almeno un paio di volte l’anno che l’equipaggio della Stazione Spaziale Internazionale si trovi a dover tappare dei piccolissimi buchi sulle pareti dei diversi moduli che compongono il grande laboratorio orbitante. Quel che … Read more

Steam isn’t working today, what’s happening

Since 17:00 on December 29 you can’t access Steam, the platform where many software houses make their videogames available. You’re not the only ones who can’t play Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, Dota 2 and Counter Strike (just to name a few videogames that are registering problems in these minutes), like you there are thousands of gamers who … Read more