5 easy tricks to make better use of Windows 10

Hundreds of millions of people use Windows 10 every day, yet many do not know these simple and useful tricks for Microsoft’s operating system. To get the most out of a super popular operating system like Windows 10 there are several tricks and shortcuts within everyone’s reach, not only for those who use the PC … Read more

Want to know how long before you die? Big data tells you

A project that sees the collaboration of the University of Cambridge and Ubisoft, which developed Watch Dogs 2, is able to predict how many years you will die The future is in big data. It’s not one of those classic catchphrases you hear at conferences to scare people about the predictive capabilities of data, but … Read more

Happy Birthday Pong, the first home video game

Pong, widely considered to be the first true home console, turns 40 years old. If today everyone knows about PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo, the credit goes to Pong It’s been exactly forty years since Pong, the first truly successful home console, was launched on the market. It was August 3, 1975 and Atari decided to … Read more