How to choose the best prepaid card: the comparison

For a few years now, the Italian banking and financial market has undergone a major change. A change that bears a very precise name: that of prepaid smart cards. Although in many ways they might remind us of the rechargeable prepaid cards that have existed in Italy for decades, the former offer dozens of advanced … Read more

Nope, the devices for smartphones and laptops to protect your privacy

These two simple devices are able to block any attempt of hackers to access the webcam and microphone of computers and mobile devices Nowadays it has become increasingly difficult to defend oneself from hackers, who are able to take possession of many personal data. Often the most intimate sphere of users is violated: webcam images … Read more

How to use two WhatsApp accounts on the same phone

By creating a virtual secondary environment, it is possible to install WhatsApp twice on the same mobile device using two different numbers WhatsApp, the instant messaging app most loved by users, has entered our lives on a permanent basis. First there is the application with the green logo, then there are all the others. As … Read more