Qubit and quantum computing, the future of computers goes here

By exploiting the laws of physics and quantum mechanics, it is able to boost the computing capabilities of CPUs. How Quantum Computing Works Quantum computing (or quantum computing) is the branch of studies that focuses on developing computer technology based on quantum theory. In this way it will be possible to develop computers that, following … Read more

Zoom: all it took was a message to hack your PC

More security problems for Zoom. The video conferencing platform had some flaws that would have allowed hackers to take control of the PC That the video conferencing app Zoom has had in recent months, along with a huge success, also huge security problems we had noticed a bit ‘all: in the last ninety days the … Read more

Disney + here is the full catalog of the new Star channel

Starting February 23 on the platform comes 249 movies, 42 TV series and 5 Star Original content: here’s how Star will work and the full catalog. Everything is ready: Star, the new channel dedicated to general entertainment is about to land on the Disney+ streaming platform. The full catalog, available from February 23, 2021, has … Read more