What is and how is asymmetric cryptography defined

Asymmetric cryptography is a computer security encryption system, also called public and private key. Asymmetric cryptography is a system used in computer security to encode and decode messages. Cryptography, in fact, is a mathematical discipline capable of encoding, through algorithms, information to make it inaccessible except with a key. Asymmetric cryptography uses two encryption keys: … Read more

Decathlon voucher scam

Online a new scam is spreading that promises a 1000 euro voucher for Decathlon stores, but it is an excuse to steal our data With the approach of Christmas, the various online scams related to purchases made on the Net begin to proliferate. In the last few hours hackers have generated a new phishing campaign … Read more

SMS flaw: Samsung, Huawei, LG and Sony smartphones at risk

Check Point researchers have discovered a security flaw that affects Android smartphones and makes them vulnerable to hackers. How to defend yourself Researchers from Check Point, an Israeli company expert in cybersecurity, have discovered a vulnerability that affects Android smartphones from the most popular manufacturers: Samsung, Huawei, LG and Sony. It is a cybersecurity flaw … Read more