Apple will invest $3.6 billion to make iCar with Kia

Another rumor confirms Apple’s intention to build an electric car in collaboration with industrial partner Hyundai-Kia, but everything is still shrouded in mystery. The iCar could soon become a reality: to make its first electric car model, Apple would be ready to sign an agreement with Kia Motors Corp. The agreement, whose signature should arrive … Read more

Fortnite, western-style fights arrive

Here’s the new Fortnite 6.3 update, from six-shooters to double-barreled shotguns to dynamite, all new western-inspired fights Dust, guns and an Ennio Morricone song in the background. No, it’s not a new chapter of a spaghetti-western movie but the new fights we’ll be seeing on Fortnite. The 6.3 update of the famous survival video game … Read more