How to see the Venice Biennale films in streaming

The Venice Biennale opened the 77th International Film Festival by streaming its films: here’s how to see them The 77th International Film Festival organized by the Venice Biennale 2020 began on September 2. Film fans this year will be able to see the films selected from those competing for the Golden Lion and those Out … Read more

Google announces new tools for Distance Learning

Google strengthens its Classroom platform with new features dedicated to teachers: they will arrive by the end of the year. Distance Learning is now an essential educational tool and will continue to be so even after Covid. Google is well aware of this, and with its platform Classroom has been offering for months a complete … Read more

Defective iPhone 6s battery? Find out if Apple replaces it for free

Apple has guaranteed free battery replacement for devices with a factory defect, even for users with expired smartphone warranty There’s no worse thing than seeing your battery life dwindle by the day. Even Apple knows this, and given some problems in this regard with iPhone 6s the company has decided to offer free battery replacement … Read more

Unable to access the network: solving the problem in 5 steps

The Wi-Fi icon starts its dance: it blinks, the x appears indicating the absence of connection and so on for a couple of times. The words “Connections are available” also appear, but the computer still doesn’t connect to the network. What’s going on? Here’s how to solve the problem Everyone has started up their PC, … Read more

How to watch the 2019 Tour of Flanders live streaming for free

Find out how to follow the 2019 Tour of Flanders live streaming on computers, smartphones and tablets Spring is starting and it’s time for the Monumental Classics. After the Milano – Sanremo, it’s the turn of the Tour of Flanders, a Classic highly anticipated by fans. The Ronde is characterized for the cobbled sections and … Read more