Delete this Chrome extension now, it hides a virus

A Google Chrome extension hides a virus that can affect your pc: if you have installed Screenshot & Screen Capture Elite, delete it now If you have installed Screenshot & Screen Capture Elite extension on your Chrome browser, delete it now: it is a virus. The experts at TechDows have warned that the extension behaves … Read more

Apple Safari Has 2 Dangerous Vulnerabilities Not Yet Resolved

Two Dangerous Safari Vulnerabilities Put Apple’s Browser Users at Risk and Have Not Yet Been Resolved A team of researchers has found two dangerous vulnerabilities in the Safari browser that have not yet been resolved by Apple. The flaws were discovered during the Tianfu Cup in China, a hacking contest where security experts win prizes … Read more

How to optimize Windows 10 for free

Is your computer starting to act up and slowing down noticeably? Here are some tricks to optimize its resources and get it back to its former glory One of the best things about a new PC is that it’s fast and responsive, not only because it mounts modern hardware but also because it has a … Read more

CAT S41, the indestructible Android smartphone with super battery

The Cat S41 is a rugged phone designed for factory and construction site work, it is water resistant, thermal shock resistant and has underwater cameras If we work on construction sites or in factories a smartphone with a glass or metal body is not for us. The risk of breaking the device would be very … Read more

Eye, the iPhone cover that turns it into an Android smartphone

It’s called Eye, is designed by the company Esti INC. and is being launched on Kickstarter, in addition to protecting the smartphone has OLED screen and 256GB of memory Imagine a cover for the iPhone that is basically an Android smartphone. No, we’re not crazy, this is Eye a project of the company Esti Inc. … Read more