New Ho Mobile tariff: 40 GB, unlimited calls and SMS for 8 euros

The new offer includes a download and upload speed of 30Mbps and is available to all users from August 1, 2018. Here’s how to activate it The arrival of Iliad on the Italian market has forced phone companies to run for cover: TIM, for example, has launched low-cost tariffs with 20GB or 30GB of Internet … Read more

Digital terrestrial, eliminated some channels from July 1: what are they

From July 1, some digital terrestrial channels have been eliminated, while others have undergone changes in the schedule. Here’s what they are Still more changes, in preparation for the switch off to Dvb-T2, among the channels broadcast on digital terrestrial: from July 1, several channels have been eliminated and it is therefore necessary to retune … Read more

What is iCloud Drive and differences with iCloud

Another free storage service from Apple, which is based on iCloud is iCloud Drive: here’s what it is, how it works and what are the differences with iCloud. Many Apple users, especially those who have recently approached the universe of the bitten apple, tend to be very confused about the differences between iCloud and iCloud … Read more

What’s new on Infinity in July: from movies to TV series

Infinity prepares all the news coming in July 2020: almost 40 exclusive movies and three new TV series. Here’s what you can see July is a month full of news for lovers of movies and TV series streaming: the various platforms are announcing in these days the schedule that will characterize the summer month. Among … Read more