WhatsApp Web video problems, what’s going on

For a few hours, the messaging platform is not allowing to play sent or received videos. Behind the problems, probably, an update WhatsApp Web is down. In recent hours, the web platform linked to the instant messaging service owned by Facebook is experiencing problems with the playback of videos sent and received by various contacts. … Read more

Day Against Violence Against Women: 3 series to watch today November 25

The Day Against Violence Against Women is celebrated on November 25: here are the 3 television series to watch just today The World Day Against Violence Against Women is celebrated on November 25 and every year becomes an opportunity for discussion and analysis of the issue. Even television series offer an opportunity to reflect on … Read more

SMEs, Italian workers against pirated software

According to a research, 35% of the employees of small and medium enterprises would be inclined to denounce the use of an illegal program Although Italy is one of the countries in the world, according to some researches, where the use of illegal software is more widespread, a part of the Italian workers, according to … Read more

PayPal account suspended, scam travels via email

A fraudulent email campaign is hitting PayPal users, the text invites users to update their data with the aim of stealing information PayPal users are once again at security risk. A malicious message sent via email, in fact, convinces users to log in on a fake site. In this way hackers steal their access credentials. … Read more

Juventus – Atalanta in streaming and TV

It won’t be the classic match of the end of the championship where the Champions of Italy are celebrated: Juventus – Atalanta will be a real match. The Bergamaschi, in fact, are in full fight for a place in the Champions League 2019-2020¬†and must defend the fourth place. The Bianconeri, on the other hand, want … Read more

WhatsDog, the app to spy on WhatsApp conversations is dangerous

WhatsDog promises to spy on the conversations of other users, but in reality it is not so. Let’s find out what’s behind this application Apps that promise to spy on users’ conversations on WhatsApp are back in the news. This is a thriving market that exploits people’s curiosity: who is our partner talking to on … Read more

The music majors declare war on piracy

The world music giants have denounced at the Los Angeles court, the German website youtube-mp3, guilty of encouraging computer piracy The fight of the music majors against computer piracy continues. This time to suffer the wrath of the record companies is the German website youtube-mp3.org that allows to download the songs on the platform dedicated … Read more