La Casa di Carta 5 will be the last season

La Casa di Carta 5 could be the last season of the Spanish TV series. There is no official confirmation yet, but all the clues lead to the same conclusion The message with which Netflix announced the arrival of Part 5 of La Casa di Carta has left fans a little bit speechless. Especially for … Read more

Amazon renews the Echo range and focuses on design

Amazon launches the 4th generation of Echo and Echo Dot: the smart speaker range renewed in design and functions Amazon renews the entire Echo range and launches its 4th generation smart speakers, focusing mainly on a new design and expanding functionality. The arrival of the AZ1 Neural Edge chip improves the machine learning of the … Read more

Come eliminare le app inutili dallo smartphone e liberare memoria

Dopo aver installato un’app molto spesso ce ne dimentichiamo e non la usiamo più per mesi o anni. Ecco come eliminare tutte le app inutili su smartphone Android o iPhone Sebbene sia una delle raccomandazioni più frequenti quando si parla di come aumentare le prestazioni di uno smartphone, quello di eliminare le app inutili è … Read more

Why do video marketing: the advantages for SMEs

Are you thinking of creating a video marketing campaign to promote your company or a product and don’t know where to start? Here are some ideas With the number of users connected to the Net increasing on a virtually daily basis, it’s only natural that the volume of traffic grows accordingly. However, there’s one area … Read more

LG: coming smartphone with three screens

The Korean company is preparing to launch the first smartphone with three screens on the market. It should be an evolution of the LG V50 ThinQ In just a month LG will present a new smartphone with three screens. The presentation will take place during the IFA Berlin 2019, scheduled from September 6 to 11 … Read more