Amazon Fresh arrives in Bologna: how it works

Amazon adds a new city to the list of those covered by the online shopping service “Fresh”: here’s which one it is and how to get your shopping at home. Doing your shopping online becomes easier and easier with Amazon Fresh, the online shopping service of the shopping giant. After having already embraced three of … Read more

How to become a citizen of Asgardia, the first space nation

A Russian company is ready to take the first step towards the birth of Asgardia: sending into orbit a satellite with the data of the first members In an unstable world, tormented by wars and terrorist attacks, who wouldn’t want to run away. Maybe to another planet, where peace and love reign. One of these … Read more

IOS 13, new Apple device appears in beta

The iOS 13 beta leaks information about a new Apple device. It’s a tracker associated with the Find My app. Here’s how it will work The news about iOS 13 are many, among them there is one that concerns a new device that will be released probably in early September, when the Cupertino company should … Read more